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I love Cher and her music,I also Love Cher.com too:) In my spare time I enjoy watching old time movies like the AMC movie channel or the Lifetime channel, and doing many arts and crafts especially; cross stitching but I also make candy, do floral baskets, and paint Christmas Ornaments.I enjoy reading as well especially a good mystery novel!

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My First Cher Concert

The first time I saw Cher was in Vegas and I was so close to the stage I could almost touch her. She was so beautiful and the concert was amazing. She stood right in front of me on the stage and I gave her the I Love You Sign then she smiled and gave the sign back to me. A few moments later she came and stood right in front of me and sang for a few seconds and I felt like I was on cloud nine! I will never forget this night as long as I live:)

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